Why is CQC launching a new strategy?

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted that the existing CQC strategy was unsuitable for all situations, and providers lost faith in its primary function. As a result, care providers were forced to treat challenges reactively rather than proactively.

We have also seemed the formation of integrated care systems (ICS). This is to help ensure that information is shared and to help improve the lives of people who work and live in their area. Prior to this, they worked in isolated silos and enterprises to the detriment of the service users.

Here at IC, these are the key things that providers can start doing in readiness for the changes and the new DMAs (Direct Monitoring Activity).

  • Working with your teams across your business, share your strategy and keep them engaged. Be consistent with communication and make the quality of care a cultural value.
  • Feedback is critical to treat all stakeholders and the local authority in the same way and request their feedback to create an environment where it is valued.
  • Utilise the opinions of those who use your service, and seek feedback from colleagues, friends, family, and peers.
  • Track and record all the activity you do that sits outside of the regulation and anything that you have in place to make the care you provide personal.
  • Get into the habit of collating evidence that highlights the good practice whilst being relevant to the new categories.
  • Make sure your own internal reviews reflect the state of play and are documented in your audits.
  • Consider implementing a compliance software system. Electronic systems and processes can save a significant amount of time.
  • Reach out to other services. Are you part of leadership forums and healthcare groups in your area? Networking and sharing information and best practices help to drive innovation and improvement across services.
  • Join CQC’s Citizen Lab. Be proactive, keep abreast of the changes and utilise the chance to give feedback and engage.
  • Keep your CQC presentation/Personal Information Record up to date. This will save you time in the long run, as it will be requested.

Immerse yourself into the care system you are a key part of, try to understand trends and themes and see how you can influence this positively. Direct monitoring over a longer period is a great step forward and a chance to showcase the care that you provide. Talk to our expert insurance brokers in Bolton.

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