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Commercial Combined Insurance

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Business Combined Insurance

A commercial combined insurance policy is a comprehensive business combined insurance cover packaged-wrapped up into a single policy.

The purpose of a combined policy is to bring all your insurance needs under one policy with a single insurer and renewal date.

What is a Commercial Combined Insurance Policy?

Key Covers Include:

Business interruption
Electronic equipment
Employers liability

Products liability
Public liability
Tenants improvements

Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Combined Insurance

Why Choose Combined Commercial Business Insurance?
Our customised commercial insurance packages are collections of individual coverages essential for financially protecting your business. This comprehensive coverage turns many smaller options into a single, streamlined policy. The administration of these combined policies is more efficient and includes more cost-effective premiums than choosing a range of individual covers.

The key covers above are examples of the effective coverages any business needs, but our brokers can tailor these into a collection specific to your business activities.
What Coverages Are Combined in Our Commercial Insurance Package?
Your final commercial combined insurance policy will contain many coverages designed to protect your business against potential risks. Whilst these combined policies will be unique to each business, there are several that apply to almost every business, such as the following two examples:

Liability Insurance: Public liabilityproduct liability and employers' liability insurance are included with this combined commercial insurance. These provide essential protections for businesses in commercial sectors and industries related to your staff and public health and safety.

Business Property Insurance: Property damage will be covered under a commercial combined insurance policy. This protects your business against damages or loss related to your organisation's building, equipment, furnishing and stock. In addition, business interruption insurance is often included to compensate for any additional related lost revenue.

You can contact us through our enquiry form below for more information about what coverages should be included in your policy.
What Risks Are Prevented With Commercial Business Insurance?
Not investing in commercial combined insurance exposes your business to financial risks. Your business may be responsible for covering the costs of successful claims out of your own pocket. These costs can be high or even high enough to threaten the business's financial stability.

Acquiring many varied coverages individually will also increase costs compared to a combined policy. Higher premiums are usually the result of the increased administrative work, but gaps in your coverage may put your business at risk. Choosing a combined commercial policy will ensure a more complete and efficient coverage financially.
Does Combined Commercial Insurance Cover Multiple Properties?
Yes, the combined collection of insurance coverages can be tailored by our brokers to suit businesses with multiple properties. As a result, your essential financial protections will be streamlined into a single collection that protects your entire business from the staff, equipment and the buildings themselves. When choosing IC Insurance, our expert insurance brokers will work closely with you to tailor a combined insurance package perfect for your business's unique needs.
Does Commercial Combined Insurance Cover My Vehicles?
Our commercial combined insurance packages will not incorporate your vehicles; however, we do have access to a wide range of markets that specialise in vehicle insurance, so a new policy can be added with our fleet insurance and goods in transit cover options specifically tailored to protect your mobile assets, including damage to commercial vehicles, liability claims, and business interruption.
How Do I Buy Combined Commercial Insurance?
Easy, by simply contacting us through the enquiry form below, you begin a straightforward process with our team of expert insurance brokers in Bolton toward purchasing your essential insurance and peace of mind for your company's financial protection.

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