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Office Insurance

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    Experienced Office Insurance Brokers

    Whether you have a large office space or a small and cosy workplace, your office is a central asset to your business operations. It is the hub of everyday business activity and where you and your employees meet clients, handle commercial affairs, make strategic decisions and store important data.

    Since most core commercial activities take place in the office, even a day of disruption can cost your business dearly. That is why it is important to take practical steps to protect your business premises against perceived risks and eventualities.

    Taking out an office insurance package that is tailored to suit the needs and requirements of your commercial premise is one step you can take to minimise your risk and ensure that your business runs smoothly.

    At IC Insurance Solutions, our panel of experienced office insurance brokers collaborate with partner insurers to create bespoke and specialised office insurance plans that provide comprehensive coverage to office spaces and secure them against threats.

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    Do I Need Office Insurance?

    Any business that operates from an office environment or runs from a commercial premise should be insured against potential threats.

    There are many risks that your office is exposed to every day. For example, unexpected events or accidents that might be beyond your immediate control but which you could still be held liable for; this is because you are responsible for the wellbeing of your staff as well as of your visitors, internees, and volunteers.

    Additionally, there is the threat of natural catastrophes such as floods and thunderstorms that can bring economic activities to a standstill and adversely impact your business. Workplace hazards like fire can also cause disruptions and financially devastate your company.

    Theft and vandalism are standard risks commercial workspaces face as well. Theft of office equipment, such as computers, can cost your business heftily. Vandalism or damage to property can likewise impact your business.

    The level of risk your business faces depends on multiple factors, like the size of your company, your sector or industry, and the number of people you employ. That is why it is so important to identify the specific risks your enterprise faces and design a customised office insurance policy accordingly.

    All businesses that run from a commercial office should consider office insurance a staple. Here are some examples of businesses that need office insurance:

    • Accountants
    • Estate Agents
    • Financial Advisors
    • Insurance Brokers
    • Recruitment Consultants
    • Solicitors

    What is Office Insurance?

    Office insurance is a special form of business insurance designed to financially safeguard commercial workspaces, such as offices, against a wide spectrum of threats. Office insurance packages consist of a combination of covers that protect businesses against lawsuits, business interruption, and theft.

    Though office insurance packages vary from business to business, comprehensive packages cater to three main concerns: your business premise and office contents, your employees and clients, and your business circumstances.

    As office insurance brokers, IC Insurance Solutions create flexible office insurance packages that cover all your key exposures and can be altered to accommodate the individual needs of your business.

    What Does Office Insurance Cover?

    As office insurance brokers, we offer cover which includes:

    Office Contents Insurance

    A specialised cover designed to protect a business’ equipment, including furniture, appliances, general contents, documents and computers, against theft and damage caused by pre-insured events.


    This is a more targeted cover that protects computers, hardware and accompanying accessories against the risk of theft and damage.

    Business Interruption

    If your office or property gets damaged or destroyed due to a pre-insured event, such as a natural disaster, and has to shut down temporarily, business interruption insurance can keep your company afloat by paying for rent, outgoing expenses, salaries and loans until the issue is resolved.

    Portable Equipment

    A cover designed specifically to compensate you for the cost of repairing or repurchasing portable equipment like laptops, handheld devices, projectors and cameras if they get stolen or damaged.

    Employers’ Liability

    Employers’ liability insurance is a legal compulsion if you employ anyone in the UK. Employers’ liability insurance covers cost of legal defence, settlement and compensation payouts if a member of your staff files a workplace injury or property loss claim against your company.

    Public Liability

    Public liability insurance covers the cost of legal defence and compensation payouts if a client or a visitor suffers from an accident, injury or loss while in your office and opts to file a claim.

    Products’ Liability

    Products’ liability insurance covers the cost of legal defence and settlement if a third party such as a visitor or a client sustains an injury or suffers a loss due to any product or equipment in your office.

    Additional Office Insurance Cover

    Depending on your business, risks and circumstances, you might also require the following additional covers:

    Professional Indemnity

    If your business offers advise, expertise or consultancy to clients, you should consider professional indemnity cover.

    Professional indemnity insurance provides funds to cover legal costs and compensation payouts if a wrongful advise, negligence or error claim is made against your business by a client.

    Directors and Officers

    D&O liability insurance A special cover that covers owners, directors, managers and officers of a business against the consequences of lawsuits and wrongdoing claims.

    Cyber Liability

    Your business is nine times more likely to be targeted by a cybercriminal than a burglar. Cyber liability insurance protects your business against the consequences of data breaches and hacking.

    All Risks

    All risks insurance can cover your possessions against damage or loss within the UK, EU or worldwide.

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      This form collects your name, renewal date & phone number so that we can communicate with you and provide assistance. Please check our Privacy Policy to see what we'll do with your information.