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Product Liability Insurance

Product Liability Insurance

As insurance brokers, IC Insurance does all the hard work for you, so let us take care of your insurance needs.You don’t have to worry about anything – we’ll search all companies to find the best quote and provide you with affordable insurance cover on our vast portfolio of products.

Our process is also quick and straightforward and offers you handpicked insurance policies you can trust.

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    Flexible and Comprehensive Product Liability Insurance Cover

    You cannot be sure when a product you manufacture or sell might fail. Even if you implement stringent design protocols and take strict quality assurance measures, you cannot fully eliminate the possibility of selling a defective product.

    Product defects and flaws, even the most minor ones, can cost your business dearly – both in terms of money and reputation. That is exactly why it is vital to prepare beforehand and protect your business by taking out product liability insurance.

    At IC Insurance, we specialise in providing flexible and comprehensive insurance solutions to businesses in need of cover. Our seasoned IC brokers work closely with a network of leading insurers to bring you bespoke insurance packages, tailored according to your individual business requirements.

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    Do I Need Product Liability Insurance?

    While product liability insurance is a voluntary policy, it can protect your business against legal and financial liabilities in the long run, especially if you manufacture or sell tangible products.

    You should consider investing in product liability if:

    • You produce or manufacture products
    • A product bears your business’s name, logo or mark
    • You are in the business of repairing, changing or reconditioning existing products
    • You import your products from outside the European Union
    • You are a retailer or a wholesaler who supplies products
    • As a supplier, you cannot identify who manufactured the products you sell

    What is Product Liability Insurance?

    As a manufacturer or a seller, you could be held liable for supplying a defective product to your customers. Product liability insurance is a form of business insurance , designed to protect manufacturers and suppliers against the costs arising from claims for injury or property damage by third parties such as customers.

    If a customer, a supplier or another member of the public, comes in contact with a faulty product and suffers injury or property damage because of it, they are entitled to take legal action against your enterprise and claim compensation, regardless of whether you manufactured the said product or not.

    An effective product liability policy would assist you in dealing with such a situation by providing cover against financial loss such as compensation payouts and legal fees.

    What Does Product Liability Insurance Cover?

    Bespoke product liability packages by IC Insurance would cover:

    • Your legal expenses, regardless of whether you are liable
    • Compensation for personal injuries caused by your product
    • Compensation for damage to property

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    About IC Insurance

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      This form collects your name, renewal date & phone number so that we can communicate with you and provide assistance. Please check our Privacy Policy to see what we'll do with your information.