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As insurance brokers, IC Insurance does all the hard work for you, so let us take care of your insurance needs.You don’t have to worry about anything – we’ll search all companies to find the best quote and provide you with affordable insurance cover on our vast portfolio of products. Our process is also quick and straightforward and offers you handpicked insurance policies you can trust. To request a quote, send us your details and we’ll come back to you within 24 hours on business days.
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Keeping You Afloat With Small Business 
Insurance Packages

At IC Insurance Solutions, we understand that managing a small business does not come without its challenges and risks. As a small business owner, it is your responsibility to take practical measures to guard your business against the threats it faces on a day-to-day basis.

A specialised small business owners’ insurance policy can help manage your risks and keep your business afloat during difficult times. At IC Insurance, we collaborate with a panel of leading insurers to create the best small business insurance packages.

What is Small Business Owners Insurance?

Small business owners’ insurance consists of a special combination of covers that protect small business owners and their businesses against various risks, such as accident claims, theft and property loss.

We understand that no two small businesses work the same way. That is why we create customised small business owners’ insurance packages, suited to the individual circumstances and requirements of your small business.

What Does Small Business OwnersInsurance Cover?

Our key covers include:

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

As fleet insurance brokers we can help you get a cover that financially protects your business against costs arising from accident and injury claims as well as damage or loss of commercial fleet in the event of an accident.

Office Insurance

Office insurance is a special form of business insurance that financially protects your commercial workplace and its contents against a wide variety of risks, including claims and lawsuits, business interruption, and theft.

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability

A form of liability insurance that protects the directors and officers of a business against the financial consequences of claims filed against them by third parties.

Employers’ Liability

A cover that is a legal compulsion for any business that employs one or more than one individual in the UK.

Professional Indemnity

A staple cover for businesses that provide consultancy or advice. Professional indemnity cover can pay out compensation if a third party claims for damage or loss as a result of faulty advice offered by you or your staff.

Types of Small Businesses IC Insurance Cover

IC Insurance have ample experience in covering various types of small business owners. Whether you run a shop, salon or bakery, you can find a comprehensive and affordable cover with us.

IC Insurance Solutions has provided swift and effective coverage solutions to many small business owners across the UK, including:


Small Fleets

Frequently Asked Questions for Small Business Owners Insurance

Small businesses need insurance to protect themselves from unforeseen risks and liabilities. It provides financial security, covers legal expenses, and helps in business continuity during challenging times.

Public Liability Insurance covers the cost of claims made by third parties for injury or property damage caused by your business activities. While it's not legally required, it is highly recommended as it safeguards your business against potential legal and financial consequences.

Yes, in the UK, Employers' Liability Insurance is a legal requirement for businesses that employ staff, even if they are on a temporary or part-time contract. It covers compensation claims if an employee is injured or becomes ill due to work-related activities.

Professional Indemnity Insurance protects businesses that provide professional advice or services against claims of negligence or mistakes. Whilst not mandatory, it is crucial for businesses offering professional services to mitigate the financial impact of legal claims.

The coverage for Property Insurance should reflect the value of your business assets, including buildings, contents, and stock. It's advisable to conduct a thorough assessment of your property and consult with our insurance brokers in Bolton to determine the appropriate coverage amount for your commercial combined insurance options.

Business Interruption Insurance provides coverage for lost income and additional expenses if your business is temporarily unable to operate due to a covered event, such as a fire or natural disaster. It is recommended for small businesses to ensure financial stability during downtime.

Yes, Cyber Insurance is crucial for small businesses, especially those handling sensitive customer data. It provides protection against cyber threats, including data breaches, ransomware attacks, and legal liabilities arising from privacy breaches.

To discover why we are the best choice for your insurance brokerage needs, consider our experience, expertise in small business insurance, client testimonials, and the range of insurers we work with. It's essential to choose a broker who understands your business needs and tailors coverage accordingly, something our expert insurance brokers for business are dedicated to fulfilling.

Yes, bundling insurance policies from the same provider can often lead to cost savings. Consult with us to explore package deals that meet your specific business requirements while optimising costs.

Cafe, pub, and bar owners should consider Public Liability Insurance to cover customer injuries on the premises. This insurance covers potential food-related issues, whilst  Business Interruption Insurance safeguards against unexpected closures, such as fire or water damage.

Craft workshop owners should look into Product Liability Insurance to cover potential injuries caused by their products. Additionally, they may benefit from Property Insurance to protect valuable equipment and materials, as well as Business Interruption Insurance to address disruptions in operations.

While not mandatory, Cyber Insurance is advisable for small craft workshops and leisure studios that store customer data online. It helps protect against potential cyber threats, such as data breaches, which could result in legal and financial repercussions.

Hairdressers or barbers should consider Public Liability Insurance to cover accidents in the salon, Employer Liability Insurance for staff injuries, and Business Interruption Insurance to mitigate financial losses during unexpected closures, such as fire or flood.

Professional Indemnity Insurance is essential for hairdressers or barbers.  It provides coverage in case of claims arising from errors or negligence in providing haircare services. It protects against potential legal and compensation costs associated with dissatisfied clients.

Business Interruption Insurance for a craft workshop covers lost income and additional expenses during periods of closure due to covered events, such as fire or flood. It ensures financial stability by compensating for the income that the business would have generated during the downtime.

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