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Care Home Insurance

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If you are a care home owner, you and your staff are going out of your way to provide care to some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged segments of society. While your work is truly rewarding, it does not come without unique challenges.

The care home industry faces several challenges and risks, and that is why care home insurance is considered a staple. Without a targeted care home business insurance policy in place, you run the risk of being personally liable for third party claims and property damage.

No two care homes are the same in terms of the care services they provide and the risks they face. So, IC Insurance Solutions offer bespoke care home insurance packages tailored to the specific needs of your care home.

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What Does Care Home Insurance Cover?

Our key covers include:


Our buildings’ policy would compensate you for the cost of rebuilding, repairing or renovating your care home in the event it gets damaged or destroyed by an insured event.

General Contents

A general contents’ cover protects the contents (including appliances, furniture, and equipment) within your care home premise against theft and damage.

Computer Equipment

Computer equipment insurance provides coverage and protection against loss or damage to computers and any related hardware in your care home.

Portable Equipment

A specialised policy focused on protecting portable equipment, including mobile phones, laptops, and cameras that are installed on your care home premise.

Residents and Service User’s Personal Effects

Covers the possessions of your residents or users against theft or property damage.

Tenants’ Improvements

A cover against damage or loss of improvements made to your care home for the benefit of (or by) your residents.

Employers’ Liability

In the UK, employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement if you employ anyone. This policy covers compensation payouts and legal expenses if a member of your staff files an accident or injury claim.

Management Liability

Management liability cover protects you and your care home against mismanagement. It covers owners, directors, and management against various risks associated with managing a care home.

Medical Malpractice

Deemed essential for care homes, a medical malpractice insurance policy covers legal expense and compensation if a claim pertaining to medical malpractice, neglect or abuse is filed.

Public Liability

A public liability policy covers your liability towards your residents, clients, suppliers, visitors and members of the public.

Public liability pays for compensation, medical expense, and legal costs if one of the aforementioned parties file an accident, injury or property damage claim.

Products’ Liability

Covers the cost of legal action and compensation in case of third-party injury or accident claims associated with the products used at your care home.

What is Care Home Insurance?

Care home insurance consists of a combination of covers designed to offer protection to registered and recognised UK-based charities that provide care for the elderly, for children, for disabled individuals and for people with mental health problems, such as dementia.

Regular business insurance is not adequate for care homes because they are specialised institutions offering care-related services.

If you are running a care home insurance in the UK without a comprehensive policy in place, you are putting your primary clientele, employees, and business in a vulnerable position.

IC Insurance can help by identifying the risks your care home faces and then collaborating with partner insurers to create a bespoke insurance plan that mitigates your risks and offers reinforced protection to your business.

What Type of Care Homes Can IC Brokers Insure?

We offer bespoke care home insurance policies for:

  • Children’s homes
  • Clinics and rehabilitation centers
  • Daycare services
  • Hospices
  • Learning and physical difficulties
  • Mental health and mental disorder
  • Nursing or residential care homes for the elderly
  • Supported living and sheltered accommodation

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This form collects your name, email & phone number so that we can communicate with you and provide assistance. Please check our Privacy Policy to see what we'll do with your information.