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Vape Insurance

Vape insurance for shops, manufacturers & wholesalers

As insurance brokers, IC Insurance does all the hard work for you, so let us take care of your insurance needs.You don’t have to worry about anything – we’ll search all companies to find the best quote and provide you with affordable insurance cover on our vast portfolio of products.

Our process is also quick and straightforward and offers you handpicked insurance policies you can trust.

To request a quote, send us your details and we’ll come back to you within 24 hours on business days.

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    Vape Shop Insurance Cover

    Regardless of the size of your shop, if you have a corner shop or a large store, we will meet your vape shop insurance needs and protect your business at a competitive premium. We can provide a policy to protect your assets and stock, including liability insurance, to cover you against claims from employees or the public.

    Key covers include:

    • Public liability insurance
    • Employers’ liability insurance
    • Product liability insurance
    • Buildings insurance
    • Business interruption insurance
    • Contents insurance
    • Equipment insurance
    • Goods in transit insurance
    • Stock insurance
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    Vape Manufacturers Insurance

    At IC Insurance Solutions, we understand the specific challenges you face as a vape manufacturer. Even though the vape trade is profitable, it comes with difficulties and risks of its own.

    Whether you have a small corner shop or a large e-liquid store, we can match your vape insurance needs and offer comprehensive protection to your e-liquid business.

    What is Vape Manufacturer Insurance?

    Vape manufacturer insurance provides comprehensive coverage and support to vape manufacturer’s insurance against the risks associated with e-cigarette trade. Vape manufacturer insurance can help you by securing your business assets and core business activities.

    Why You Need Vape Manufacturer Insurance?

    When you are running a business, being prepared for the unforeseen is always a good idea. Here is why you should consider vape insurance:

    Customer Complaints

    Whenever a customer opts to file a consumer complaint, they will consider the name on the label. If your business’s name is on the label or you have made any alterations to the product, you will be held liable.

    Legal Action

    Defending your business against allegations can take a toll on your finances. Court fees, costs of proceedings, expenses and legal charges may cost your business tens of thousands of Pounds.

    Investigations by Regulators

    The vape industry is growing in the UK but so is industry-wide regulation. Investigations and fines are becoming more prevalent.

    Customer-initiated Lawsuits

    You will be held liable for any harm or injuries caused by an unsafe product. Your customers have the liberty to sue you or prosecute you.

    With a vape manufacturer insurance, you can cover yourself against prosecutions and related legal costs.

    Affordable Risk Mitigation

    One of the advantages of vape insurance with IC Insurance Solutions is that you will get comprehensive coverage at very competitive premiums.


    The introduction of TPD has necessitated compliance with stringent industry and safety standards for e-liquid businesses.

    IC Insurance Solutions has partnered with competent compliance firms to handle this for you. Our partner firms will appoint a seasoned Account Manager who can navigate your business through pending TPD or FDA costs in an effective manner.

    Vape Wholesalers Insurance

    Currently, the United Kingdom is the third biggest vape market in the world. Between 2012 and 2017, the number of vape users in the UK increased by over 314% from 700,000 to 2.9 million.
    Vape businesses are flourishing in the UK and around the globe, however, the risks and regulations associated with this trade are also increasing.

    At IC Insurance Solutions, we fully understand the risks and challenges you face as a vape wholesaler. We are also aware of how difficult it can be for vape sellers to find a comprehensive and economic insurance package that offers the right coverage for their business. That is why we partnered with the best insurers in the industry to bring you tailor-made vape insurance packages that fit your needs and offer comprehensive protection to your wholesale business.

    What is Vape Wholesale Insurance?

    Vape wholesale insurance provides comprehensive cover to those involved in the wholesale or distribution of e-cigarettes, vapes, e-liquid, and related products. A comprehensive vape wholesale insurance package can protect your business against any eventuality or unforeseen threat by insuring your business assets, merchandise, and core activities.

    Why You Need Vape Wholesale Insurance?

    Stability is great for a business, but some external factors are beyond your control. It is always a proactive approach to consider the risks your business faces and prepare contingency plans accordingly. E-cigarette insurance can help protect your wholesale business against uncertainties.

    Here is why going for vape insurance is a great idea:

    Cover your imports from China and the Far East

    If you are importing liquids, hardware or accessories (including batteries and chargers) from China or the Far East, you would require a special cover against faulty products that may be dangerous or cause harm. Vape wholesale insurance can protect you against the injuries and harm caused by faulty imported stock.

    Bespoke Products Liability

    Vape wholesale insurance by IC Insurance will include bespoke product liability cover, comprehensively covering you against issues arising from hardware, batteries, accessories and other related merchandise.

    Affordable Risk Mitigation

    Opting for vape shop insurance with IC Insurance Solutions means well-rounded coverage at a market competitive premium.

    Goods in Transit

    Commercial vehicle and Goods in transit insurance provide cover when you transport stock. This cover extends to goods that get stolen whilst in transit and accidental damage of merchandise. Goods in Transit also covers goods that are damaged during the packaging process.

    Risk Management

    Risk management is a complex process but we’ve got your back at IC Insurance Solutions. Our expert risk managers will first examine all the risks associated with your wholesale enterprise and then formulate solutions, tailored to the requirements of your business.

    What is Covered by Vape Wholesaler Insurance?

    At IC Insurance Solutions, we offer:

    Employer’s Liability

    It is compulsory to obtain employer’s liability insurance in the UK if your business employs anyone. An employer’s liability insurance protects you against compensation claims by employees who are injured in the course of working for your enterprise.

    Business Interruption Cover

    Business interruption insurance secures you against loss of income resulting from unforeseeable circumstances such as natural disasters.

    US Export Cover

    US export cover is an insurance policy that covers your vape business if a US-based importer or buyer does not pay for the merchandise you exported.

    Import Cover for Goods from China and the Far East Asia

    Our import cover is an insurance cover specifically designed for the e-cigarette industry. An import cover, particularly one obtained for merchandise imported from China or the Far East would protect your business against injuries caused by faulty products, hardware or accessories.

    Full Public and Products Liability Insurance

    Unlike other insurers, we believe that product liability insurance and public liability insurance goes hand in hand – even for vape businesses. That is why our insurance packages cover both categories.
    Public liability insurance will protect you from any financial claims for injury or damage to third parties caused by the operations of your business. A product liability insurance is more specific; it would secure your e-vape wholesale business against claims of injury or damage caused by products you sell or supply.


    Building insurance would compensate you in case your business premise is damaged or destroyed. You will be offered an amount based on the cost of rebuilding or repairing your business premises.

    Shop Glass and Shop Front Cover

    We understand how important your warehouse and outlets are to your business. That is why we offer shop glass and shop front cover.

    Cover for Legal Expenses

    Legal expenses insurance provides coverage against the cost of legal advice and court action. It typically covers lawyer fees, cost of proceedings and compensation you may have to pay as a result of claims that are upheld

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    About IC Insurance Solutions

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      This form collects your name, renewal date & phone number so that we can communicate with you and provide assistance. Please check our Privacy Policy to see what we'll do with your information.