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We are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team here at IC Insurance Solutions

As a leading insurance broker, we understand that the key to our success to attract and retain the best people in our industry.

Working at IC Insurance Solutions means you will join a team of diverse professionals, dedicated to helping our clients meet their insurance needs.

All our staff and advisors benefit from continual professional helping colleagues to grow through a number of learning and development programmes.

Head of Commercial

IC Insurance Solutions 
(£50,000 - £70,000) – 10 Years Experience

As the Head of Commercial, you will be at the forefront of driving our long-term business strategy. Your leadership will inspire our team to achieve and exceed key performance indicators while adhering to regulatory requirements. Your expertise will ensure our clients consistently receive exceptional service, and you'll actively support our values in all interactions.

Additionally, you will spearhead the implementation of procedures to support the business with its strategic partnerships, helping us identify new business opportunities and stay ahead of market trends.. Your ability to develop and execute effective go-to-market strategies will contribute to our market leadership. With a focus on training and development, you will enhance the technical and operational skills of our team members, contributing to our collective success. Your ability to navigate the regulatory landscape and uphold best practices will be crucial in maintaining our reputation as a trusted partner. Join us to lead our commercial endeavors and shape our bright future.


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Commercial Account Executive

IC Insurance Solutions — New Manchester office opening spring 2024 
(£55,000 - £100,000+ ) – 5 Years Experience

Joining us as a Commercial Account Executive, your responsibility will be managing and growing a portfolio of existing clients while generating new business within the realm of large commercial clientele Your strong relationship-building skills will enable you to establish and maintain valuable connections with clients and industry stakeholders. Achieving revenue targets and key performance indicators will be central to your role, and your collaboration with our team will ensure exceptional service delivery.

Your deep understanding of FCA compliance will ensure that all activities are conducted in line with regulations. In addition, you will contribute to market research and product development efforts, providing insights that shape our offerings and drive business expansion. Your contribution will play a pivotal role in our growth and success as a premier service provider in the commercial insurance sector. Vacancies are available in Bolton, Manchester, Liverpool and our Southport offices.


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Commercial Account Handler

IC Insurance Solutions — New Manchester office opening spring 2024
(£30,000 – £50,000) – 5 Years Experience

As a Commercial Account Handler, you'll play a critical role in our business, managing existing client accounts and nurturing new business opportunities within the realm of large commercial clientele. With your broking expertise, you'll ensure that all activities are to the best interests of the client and align with FCA regulations. Furthermore, you'll collaborate with our executive and claims teams to streamline processes and provide comprehensive support to clients throughout their journey.

Your insights into market trends and client needs will be invaluable in shaping our service offerings and maintaining a competitive edge. Your focus on achieving targets and key performance indicators, coupled with your collaborative approach, will contribute to our exceptional service delivery. Join us to be an integral part of our team and drive excellence in serving our valued clients. Vacancies are available in Bolton, Manchester, Liverpool and our Southport offices.


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SME Account Executive

IC Insurance Solutions — Bolton, Manchester, Liverpool, Southport 
(£23,000 - £35,000) – 2 Years Experience

Joining us as an SME Account Executive, you'll manage a portfolio of SME clients, cultivating new business opportunities and ensuring compliance with FCA regulations. Your dedication to achieving targets and delivering outstanding service will be vital to our success. Your role will be crucial in driving growth and providing top-tier service to our clients and insurer partners.

We are committed to fostering your professional development through tailored training, mentorship, and skill-building opportunities. Elevate your expertise and expand your horizons as you contribute to our dynamic team, while staying at the forefront of industry trends and best practices. Through your collaboration with the wider team, you'll help shape our service standards, values, and behaviours, strengthening our reputation as a trusted broker within the industry. Vacancies are available in Bolton, Manchester, Liverpool and our Southport offices.


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As insurance brokers, IC Insurance does all the hard work for you, so let us take care of your insurance needs. 

You don’t have to worry about anything – we’ll search all companies to find the best quote and provide you with affordable insurance cover on our vast portfolio of products. Our process is also quick and straightforward and offers you handpicked insurance policies you can trust. 

To request a quote, send us your details and we’ll come back to you within 24 hours on business days. If you don’t have time to wait, you can always call us on 01204 565600 during office hours
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