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Event Insurance

Event Liability Insurance

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    Specific Event Insurance Needs

    Planning an event can be stressful, especially since the stakes are high. You have to be on your toes to ensure that everything goes smoothly and according to plan. A small mistake or a minor accident, can ruin the entire experience and cost you dearly.

    At IC Insurance Solutions, we are aware of the risk and challenges associated with event planning. That is why our expert insurance brokers partner with reliable insurers to bring you bespoke event insurance packages that offer adequate cover against unforeseen events.

    We know that no two events are the same. The risks involved in planning a wedding differ from the risks associated with a music event. That is why IC Insurance does not offer standard packages.

    Instead, we design flexible event insurance plans that are tailored to suit your specific insurance needs and requirements.

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    What Are the Risks Associated with Event Planning?

    Here are some of the common risks and claims associated with event planning:

    Accidents and Injuries

    Accidents and injuries are a standard risk for event-holders. You could be held liable if any of your guests or staff members get hurt at your event. An example is one of your attendants or employees slipping and falling.

    Event Cancellation

    Your event could be canceled, postponed or disrupted due to unforeseen circumstances beyond your control such as a last-minute vendor or venue cancellations and bad weather.


    If a fight erupts between your guests, you could be held liable for any bodily harm caused to your attendees, innocent bystanders or employees.

    Damage to Property and Theft

    Your assets and equipment could get damaged or stolen during a busy event.

    What Is Event Insurance?

    Event insurance, a type of liability insurance, comprises of a combination of covers that protect your investment in an event. Having the right event insurance policy in place, prior to your event, is very important because it can help you cover costs arising from unexpected events, beyond your control.

    An event insurance package could help you cover significant costs if your event is delayed due to a last-minute problem, your equipment is damaged or stolen, or if one of your attendants or employees sustain an injury during an event.

    At IC Insurance, we create bespoke event insurance packages for all kinds of events. So, whether you are looking for a single event or multiple event insurance, wedding event insurance or charity event insurance, you can find adequate and comprehensive cover with us.

    What Does Event Insurance Cover?

    Our key covers include:

    Equipment Cover

    Our equipment cover policy protects you against the damage or theft of any equipment you brought with you to the event. Equipment cover compensates you for the cost of repairs and replacements.

    Event Cancellation Cover

    Event cancellation cover financially reimburses you for the loss of revenue and additional costs (like lost deposits and other fees) incurred due to a delayed or canceled event. You may be forced to postpone or delay your event because of something last-minute and unexpected.

    Public Liability Cover

    Public liability cover is needed to protect you in case someone gets injured at your event. In addition to covering bodily harm, public liability also compensates for accidental damage to third party property.

    Nowadays, public liability cover is considered an event essential because most event organizers are expected to submit a public liability insurance certificate at the event venue.

    Employer’s Liability Cover

    Employers liability insurance can cover claims if any of your employees or volunteers is injured during an event. Employer’s liability is compulsory for businesses that employ one or more individuals in the UK.

    Types of Events Requiring Event Insurance

    At IC Insurance, we have extensive experience in insuring a wide range of events, including:

    • Single and multiple events
    • Small events
    • Catering
    • Conferences
    • Exhibitions
    • Firework events
    • Music events
    • Sporting events
    • Street parties
    • Weddings

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      This form collects your name, renewal date & phone number so that we can communicate with you and provide assistance. Please check our Privacy Policy to see what we'll do with your information.