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hand of business woman accountant or banker making calculations.

Factors that Impact the Cost of Business Insurance

While employers’ liability cover is a mandatory cover, the other types of business insurance are not. Because of this, many people opt out of certain policies when they should consider getting covers tailored to their particular business in order to protect it. There isn’t a

Worker Wearing Gloves at Food Delivery Service

Why You Need Restaurant & Takeaway Insurance

In 2019 alone, the food delivery market was worth £8.5 billion to the economy, mainly due to the growth of online delivery services. The pandemic led to more online orders due to lockdown and social distancing measures. Now, with the country slowly re-opening, business owners

insurance broker with clients

Why You Should Use an Insurance Broker

As a business owner, getting a good insurance cover for your venture is one of the most important decisions you can make. The right policies will protect your business from third-party claims, accidents, injuries, natural disasters, theft, and more. This will give you peace of

How You Can Benefit from Property Insurance

Property insurance is a necessity, whether you have a vast portfolio or a holiday home for personal use. It can protect against damage and theft, not to mention natural disasters, loss of rent, and even subsidence. As insurance brokers in Bolton, we can help you

discussing insurance policy

Time to Rest and Reset: Ready for 2021

Historically, the insurance industry has talked about a hard and soft market with a multitude of variables determining the state of play. Insurers are au fait with mitigating and planning for large losses because of adverse weather or changes in methods of construction, for example, but the

Close-up of a worker carrying cardboard box while making a delivery

Couriers in High Demand

Due to the pandemic, courier demand has reached a new high, with people making more online orders than ever before. For example, back in July, Hermes announced it would need to create 10,000 new jobs to cope with the boost in online shopping. Alongside this,

care home residents and worker

How COVID-19 Has Changed Insurance

Even pre-pandemic, there were indicators showing the critical condition the care home sector is in. The cataclysmic impact of coronavirus has compounded and accelerated these melees. There are early signs that the care sector is on the brink of collapse and needs urgent investment. The