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All You Need To Know About Public Liability Insurance

Whether you are running a business or a self-employed tradesman, you need the right insurance package to protect your business against various risks that arise during the course of the day.

From employee injuries to client accidents, lawsuits to claims, there is a lot that could happen – and while unforeseen and unexpected events such as accidents are not your fault, the injury or property damage claims filed in their wake could cost your business a lot of money!

As an individual who is working as a self-employed tradesman or running their own business, it is pertinent to figure out what your key risks are and then manage them proactively.

Taking out a comprehensive public liability policy is a step in the right direction. While liability insurance cannot help you control externalities, it can protect you against their financial consequences.

To help you understand the key aspects of public liability insurance, we have compiled a list of the most popular questions regarding this staple cover and answered them for you.

Let’s dive in!