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Business Insurance

Running a healthcare business is rewarding yet challenging. As a healthcare business owner, you have a chance to use your abilities to help people out, but you must also proactively deal with the specific risks and challenges that arise during work.

Whether you are a surgeon, a dentist, a physiotherapist or a veterinarian, you need to take concrete steps to manage your risks and financially protect your healthcare practice. That’s why taking out a comprehensive surgery insurance policy is so important.

At IC Insurance Solutions, we design bespoke surgery insurance packages that cater to the specific needs of your business. Our brokers build packages from scratch and tailor them according to the insurance requirements of your surgery practice.

What is Surgery Insurance?

Surgery insurance policies are designed to offer optimal protection to healthcare businesses. Surgery insurance packages usually consist of a combination of covers that guard surgery practices against several different risks and legal liabilities.

At IC Insurance Solutions, we understand how complex and confusing it can be to find the right surgery insurance package for your healthcare unit. That’s why IC brokers take care of everything for you.

We first develop an in-depth understanding of your practice, its insurance requirements, and the level of risk it is exposed to. Then, we consult our panel of leading insurers in the UK to create a custom surgery insurance policy for you.

What Does Surgery Insurance Cover?

Our key covers include:

Public Liability

Public liability insurance covers the cost of compensation payouts and legal defence in the event a member of the public files an injury or property loss claim against your surgery practice.

Employers Liability

If you employ anyone in the UK, you are responsible for their safety and well-being. Taking out employers liability insurance is legally compulsory for businesses that employ anyone in the UK.

An employers liability policy covers settlement costs, compensation payouts and medicolegal costs if an employee or a volunteer files an injury or property loss claim against your practice.

Treatment Liability

A specialised policy that covers the cost of settlement and legal defense in the event a client claims that they suffered an injury or an illness as a result of your actions, advice or the treatment administered by you.


A cover designed to reimburse you for the cost of repairing, rebuilding or renovating your healthcare premise in case it gets damaged or destroyed by an insured event.


A contents cover protects the contents, including furniture, appliances and equipment in your surgery practice against theft and damage.

Specialist Equipment

A cover that protects your specialised surgical and medical equipment against the risk of theft and/or damage.

Computer Equipment

A targeted cover that provides coverage and protection against loss or damage to computers and related hardware installed in your surgery practice.

Tenants Improvements

A cover against loss of and/or damage to the improvements made to your surgery practice by residents.

Business Interruption

If an insured event disrupts your surgery practice or forces it to shut down temporarily, business interruption  policy keeps your practice financially afloat by paying for expenses such as salaries, utilities, rent and mortgages

Cyber Liability

 Cyber liability cover protects your healthcare business against the consequences of cyber-crimes such as hacking and data theft.

Types of Specialists IC Brokers Can Insure

We offer bespoke surgery insurance packages for:

  • GP surgeons
  • Dentists
  • Opticians
  • Physiotherapists
  • Veterinarians
  • Chiropodists

About IC Insurance Solutions

IC Insurance Solutions is a vibrant and enthusiastic insurance intermediary with a passionate team comprising of experienced insurance experts and seasoned brokers. We know the market inside out and our strong partnership with insurance providers enables us to provide comprehensive coverage to you at a competitive price.

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