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Hotel and Guest House Insurance

Hotel & Guest House Insurance

At IC Insurance Solutions, we fully understand the needs, preferences and requirements of hotel and guest house owners. IC brokers and insurance specialists are aware of the challenges and risk you face in the hospitality industry.

Whether you own a sprawling hotel or a small guest house, we can help. Our specialised hotel and guest house insurance packages will protect your investment and safeguard your business against unforeseen events and their consequences.

Our expert insurance brokers collaborate with a vast network of partner insurers to create a flexible and bespoke hotel and guest house insurance policies that cover hospitality businesses comprehensively and mitigate the risks associated with them.

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Do I Need Hotel Insurance?

If you are a part of the hospitality industry, it is likely that you made a huge investment to establish your hotel or guest house. It is a good idea to protect your investment with the right small hotel insurance policy.

Accommodation-related businesses such as motels, inns and guest houses face various unique risks. That is because public dealing is a significant aspect of hotel management. Hotels must deal with clients or guests, visitors, employees, internees and other members of the public on a daily basis.

As a hotel owner, you are responsible for the safety and well-being of everyone, including people who work for you, people you are catering to and even visitors. You could be held liable if a visitor suffers an injury while on your premise or if a staff member has a workplace accident.

Claims and lawsuits can cost your business dearly, disrupt your operations and reduce your turnover significantly. Hotel business insurance packages protect your investment by covering the costs associated with lawsuits. That is why hotel and guest house insurance is nothing short of a staple if you are in the hospitality sector.

What is Hotel Insurance?

Hotel and guest house insurance is a special type of insurance that is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of hotels and guest houses. Hotel and guest house insurance packages consist of combined covers that financially protect accommodation-related businesses against claims and pre-insured events like fire and flood.

At IC Insurance, we believe that no two guest houses are the same. The risk a hotel faces depends on various factors like the amenities available on-premise, guest house size and the number of employees. Different hotels and guest houses face different risks and require different levels of cover.

That is why we reject the one-size-fits-all approach to hotel and guest house insurance. Instead, IC brokers will identify the specific risks your hotel faces and create a personalised insurance plan that caters to them.

What Does Hotel Insurance Cover?

Hotel and guest house insurance packages by IC Insurance Solutions include the following key covers:

Contents Cover

An insurance policy that covers the cost of repairing or rebuying all your guest house contents including furniture, kitchen appliances, general equipment, till systems and more on a new for old basis.

Stock Cover

Covers all the items you have in your stock or inventory including food, beverages and tobacco.

Product Liability

An insurance policy that covers the cost of legal defence and compensation payouts if the claimant sustains an injury or contracts an illness after consuming the food or beverages served at your establishment.

Employers Liability

Taking out employers liability insurance is a compulsion in the UK if you employ anyone. Employers liability policy can financially protect you against injury or accident claims filed by your employees.

Public Liability

Public liability insurance covers the cost of legal defence, settlement and compensation payouts if a member of the public takes legal action against you after sustaining an injury in your hotel or guest house.

Fidelity Cover

Protects your hotel by compensating you for theft of business funds by employees.

Business Interruption

Business interruption insurance protects your hotel or guesthouse against disruptions caused by pre-insured events.

If an insured event disrupts your business or forces your hotel to shut down temporarily, business interruption insurance will continue to pay for an outgoing expense such as salaries, bills, rent and mortgages.

Loss of Licence

Hotels and guest houses require an alcohol licence to serve liquor on-premise. If you lose this licence or it gets suspended due to regulatory action, it can have a significant impact on your business. In such a situation, the loss of licence policy covers your financial loss.

About IC Insurance Solutions

IC Insurance Solutions is a vibrant and enthusiastic insurance intermediary with a passionate team comprising of experienced insurance experts and seasoned brokers. We know the market inside out and our strong partnership with insurance providers enables us to provide comprehensive coverage to you at a competitive price.

If you have got any questions or you want to obtain a free quotation, get in touch with our specialist advisors, right away. Contact our office on +441204540897 or email us on

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